Tulay & Abdul in NYC | New York

Couple of years ago, when I was a busy hotshot wedding photographer in Europe I got to capture Tulay & Abdul’s wedding on a beautiful sunny day in the Netherlands.

Years later these two flew to NYC and we got to meet again in Washington square park. Later that day after dinner and our sunset walk at the waterfront, we ended the day with that gorgeous view of the city.

It was such a lovely experience to see my lovely clients and friends again and build our connection. Today one of them is celebrating their birthday party. which one do you think is born in August? Happy, Happy birthday!

Happy Birthday!

Saskia & Thomas in NYC | Engagement Brooklyn

Thanks to one of my sweet friends in Amsterdam I met Saskia over matcha in little Italy last year. Our conversation flew so easily and even though she was a perfect stranger just a couple of hours ago, we both had a difficult time saying goodbye that day. After many hours spend together doing (acro) yoga classes, dinners, coffee dates, weekend in the Hamptons and amazing conversations, she has become my favourite person in the city. Today this gorgeous girl is getting married to her wonderful loving fiancé Thomas and I am over the moon for them. Congratulations love.