Spring in Tokyo, Kyoto, New York & Paris

Fine-Art Photography by Sara Letschert

Spring is the perfect season to celebrate beauty.

I am so super delighted to announce the SPRING PORTRAITURE SPECIAl.

This spring I am going to capture portraits of beauty, fashion and love in TOKYO, KYOTO, NEW YORK and PARIS.

Fine-Art Photography by Sara Letschert

Please get in touch and join me in this adventure for gorgeous ethereal photographs and a fun session under the cherry blossom trees in Japan, or in the streets of New York or Paris.

Each portraiture-session includes:

  • 60 minute session at your favorite location
  • International fine-art photographer capturing you
  • 10 high resolution edited jpeg files to share as you wish
  • Delivery via email within 5 days
  • Private + Password protected online gallery

Your Investment:   ¥  35000    Tokyo & Kyoto                    $   345     New york                      €   250     Paris

Fine-Art Photography by Sara Letschert

Bookings and Reservation

Please check out the date and locations schedule and note that these sessions will fill-up quickly. In the case it gets fully booked, I’ll happily add you to the waiting list for any last minute cancellations. Contact me by sending an email to info@saraletschert.com with our name, session date and desired city and location if you have any in mind. I gladly help you with finding the perfect location, just let me know the city you like to book the photo session. I look forward to meet and make your spring unforgettable.


Dates & Locations

  • TOKYO                  20  March   till      4   April
  • KYOTO                   5   April       till     11   April
  • TOKYO                 12  April       till     28   April
  • NEW YORK        30 April       till     12    May
  • PARIS                   14  May        till       1    June


Fne-art photography by Sara Letschert


Fine-Art Photography by Sara Letschert



Lucie Letschert - Prachtige foto’s, heel veel succes in Tokyo. xxx

Celebrate your LOVE


Madiha - Oh Sara! Amazzzzzing pictures. Every picture is giving a loud n clear mag of LOVE! Magical!

esther - dit is echt heel mooi!! welk merk van schoentjes en jurk heeft dat meisje :)

Moniek - Super super mooi Sara! Happy Valentine!

Parisa - sooo amazing!!!

Angela - Is de jurk van Elie Saab? Amazing pictures!!! Love it!

Sara Letschert - Thank you so much Madiha, Esther, Moniek, Parisa & Angela for your comments.

The dress is a Elie Saab design and shoes are from C H Creations.



Sabrina - Hi Sara,

Ik blijf steeds naar deze foto’s kijken. Heel mooi gedaan met deze pastel/poedertinten. Helemaal van nu, ik ben momenteel ook weg van de kleur oudroze. En wat een gaaf effect met de gouden glitters op de foto.
Jouw foto’s hebben altijd weer iets speciaals en dat maakt ze leuk om naar te kijken.
Ik kijk uit naar je nieuwe blogs!

Liefs Sabrina

Linda - Super mooie foto’s Sara!

X Lin

Anita - Wauw hele mooie foto’s! Heel mooi effect met de glitters!

Edith Stap - Wat ben je toch een prachtige fotograaf. Je weet zo goed de sfeer weer te geven. Mooi gedaan met de glitters…Jij bent echt mijn voorbeeld…xx

Happy Happy days!

Oh it is already Christmas of 2012…. and you still didn’t get my present? Of course I’ve prepared an eye-candy present for you during my stay in Tokyo this holiday season.

I believe love, happiness and joy are contagious. They spread between hearts and minds.They are our hope and wishes for our loved ones during the Christmas and for the new year to come. So I decided to share with you one of my favorite love sessions of 2012, as a gift. In hope that is brings you a smile, and opens your heart to love, even more and to keep you dreaming of beauty and happiness.


Katrien & Hendrik are two gorgeous dentists from Amsterdam, who are passionately in love with one another. I met the two of them in 2011 while I was photographing the wedding of Herdrik’s sister, who is also a dentist (white an amazing smile).



Beauty of Love | Geraldine ♥ Lux

On 25th of november 2011 I received her first email.


“Dear Sara,

Everytime I see your posts on Facebook, I’m astonished by your photos. I really love the way you are able to capture special moments with amazing light and color.
Today I saw the photo of the doctor on the beach with a horse, and then I knew I had to ask you something. 

I have been inspired by horses all my life, since I was a baby. I started horseriding when I was 4 and now I’m 23 and still in love with these beautiful animals. 
That’s why I would like to ask you if there is a possibility to have a photoshoot captured by you with my horse. 
Due to my school, I have to go on an internship abroad which means that I will have to sell Lux, my wonderful horse. It is not an easy choice, but I think it’s not fair to keep him, while I can’t take care of him while I am abroad. Still, he’s a great horse with a great personality, and with his white head and beautiful lightbrown color he looks like he just came from some fairytale.

I hope you will take this unregular request into consideration, I would be really delighted! Looking forward to your reaction!

Kind regards,


Maassluis NL”


Everything about her request and choice of words showed me what a great personality she has. It requires a certain amount of unselfishness and love to desire the best for the ones you cherish. Even if it means letting them free to go, be loved, cared for and get the best attention possible, somewhere else. Even if it hurts like nothing else ever has, still that desire for the utter best. That is real love, it is so beautiful!

On 29th of August 2013 she called, Lux has found a new owner…….. she is coming to pick him up tomorrow, she said. We hadn’t contacted each other much when she was studying abroad and I was busy photographing and meeting clients. Suddenly her call, but especially the emotion in her words, changed my schedule for that evening. A couple of hours later I found myself driving together with my father, to meet Geraldine & her horse Lux. In between all the emails, shoots, weddings and editing, my father had organized a fun day at the beach near my place (Bloemendaal) to see the daughter he had not been seeing (at least) for the last 60 days, due to her fully booked schedule! Now we are driving away from my house to fulfill a girl’s dream. Father is sitting beside me while I drive and from the look in his eyes I know I am doing the right thing. Thank you father for letting me be the best person I can possibly be, even if it means less quality time with the man I am so proud of having as a father and role model.

The young beauty: Geraldine arrives with her mother and sister at the beach-club in Hoek v. Holland (The Netherlands) and while I am busy with the styling of the shoot,my ‘grand amore’  Menno joins my father for a drink. A couple of minutes later I meet the fairytale horse; Lux on the beach. That evening, the air, the sea, the sand and even the wind screamed LOVE. It was magical to photograph the beauty of love between Geraldine and Lux and share that magical moment with the men of my life and the women of Geraldine’s life. It was emotional, fun but most of all something to always remember. An Everlasting Moment.


My father always says, sharing is caring.



Sharon - Wooow wat een prachtige foto´s weer!
Sara, jij kan echt alles.. zo mooi dit… <3 you
Geraldine, wat ben je mooi!!! En Lux natuurlijk ook.
De liefde spat er van af, heel heel heel gaaf!

Geraldine - Dear Sara, what you did is amazing! It means so much to me… You captured one of the biggest loves of my life. Thank you! ♥

Yasmine - That is amazingly beautiful Sara! <3

Parisa - Love it <3

Lesley - Oh gosh, what gorgeous and stunning photos! I’m sure you’ll cherish these forever! :)

Nina - I am in love with your eyes Sara! You have a great talent to see the beauty in people and that is why your work looks the way it does: out of this world. Like a fairytale, dreamy, soft, with great lighting and amazing natural poses. Romantic vintage and yet somehow modern.

Moniek - Sara Letschert, no words needed :-)

Edith - Hoe doe je het toch iedere keer weer om mensen het gevoel te geven dat ze speciaal zijn..? I love it..Dat zegt genoeg over jou…♥

Nicolette - Wow Sara, ik ben vet onder de indruk. Heb alle foto’s weer even goed bekenen en je bent echt de beste fotograaf die ik ooit heb gezien. Compliment voor je laatste werk!!
X Nicolette

flore siebelink - Hoi Sara, wat een schitterende foto’s van Geraldine met Lux.
Door de verfijnde, subtiele kleuren hebben je foto’s iets heel bijzonders. Wat fijn om zo iets moois te kunnen maken!